What is a naming day ceremony?

Baby Naming

House warmings, Engagements, Birthdays, Graduations and Weddings.
All of these important moments in a person’s life are celebrated with those you hold dear, so it makes sense that when you have a child you should bring your family and friends together to not only celebrate the new chapter of your life but to also introduce that child to your life’s community and bestow them their name.

A Naming Day or A Baby Naming ceremony last around 30 minutes and can be as free or as structured as you want.
You can include elements to your ceremony such as a hope book, where your family and friends write down what they wish for your child’s future and then on their 18th birthday it can be given as a keepsake.

A naming day can be done anytime and anywhere. It can often be linked with the child’s first birthday and can be held in the comfort of your own back garden.
Important Individuals can be involved in the ceremony, picking their own poems and readings to perform during the ceremony.

A naming day is also a great time to nominate a guide parent. Guide Parents are members of your child’s life who make a commitment, promising to be involved in their life and help them when they need it.

Having a child is a beautiful and special moment in life, and therefore should be celebrated.

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