Registrar or Celebrant?

It can sometimes be confusing when trying to pick between a Registrar and Celebrant.
But hopefully I can prove why a Celebrant is the better choice.

In the UK when you pick a registrar your options are controlled by certain rules and regulations.
You can only be married at certain times, at certain locations and the ceremony is the same script for every couple with limited flexibility and personalisation. It is also not ideal if you want to save money. You have to be married in a licensed building which means you are stuck having to pay the pricey room rates.

With a Celebrant, your options go from limited to unlimited. I write your script from scratch. I can include any words you want and anybody you want in your ceremony. You could have a 5 minute rap about how you love your dog, during a midnight wedding in your neighbour’s greenhouse if you really wanted. You are only limited by your imagination, and I thoroughly encourage you to be as creative and personal as possible. There is also a common misconception that during the ceremony, we cannot mention religion even if you want us to. I am here to tell you that isn’t true (unless you go specifically for a humanist celebrant, which I am not)

Due to current UK law the only thing you have to do differently with a celebrant, is before your wedding day, pop to your local registry office, say 2 legal lines in front of two people and pay roughly £35.  Then your wedding can be everything you want it to be and more.

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