Involving your pets in your wedding

Dog Wedding

Involving your pets in your wedding

It is becoming more popular these days for those tying the knot to want to involve their beloved fur babies in the ceremony. And why not? To many people they are not pets, they are members of their family.
But before you start scrolling the internet looking for doggy sized suits and bows, there are a few things you have to take into consideration.

Firstly, will the venue allow it? The last thing you need is to arrive at the venue and be told you pet can’t come inside.

What is your pet’s personality like? Will they find a lot of people a bit overwhelming? If you want to dress them up will they be too warm? Uncomfortable?

Have you pre warned the guests? Some people have allergies and may need to prepare with medication, so don’t forget to let people know.

Who will care for the pet on the day? Its your wedding day and you will be thinking about so many things such as getting ready and mingling with the guests. So having someone to pet sit for you on the day is essential, this way they can make sure they have bathroom stops, water, food, love and a quite area to retire to, if everything gets a bit too much.

If you have run into a roadblock stopping your dog from getting involved then skip to the bottom of this post to see way you can still get them involved.

Have you considered everything? Good, now let’s see how we can get them involved!

Ring bearer

The most common way to involve a pet, is by having them look after the rings. You can buy specially designed Ring Bearer collars for your dogs and cats and bird such as owls have been known to fly down the aisle to the best man with the ring attached to their feet. This is a great way to involve your pet, but not overwhelm them.

Walk you down the aisle

Another great way to involve our fur and feather covered friends is by having them walk us down the aisle. Long are the days when the brides only option is to be ‘given away’. Instead we are simply escorted by our loved ones – whether they be human or not.

Best mutt, mutt of honour or flower girl

They are well known to be our best friends and so they should get the recognition they deserve. Dress them in something cute and comfy and give that fur baby a title!

Other ways they can be included if they are not with you on the day

Wedding Photos

A great Idea for those who can’t have their pets at the actual wedding, is to bring them to the prewedding photo shoot. Be sure to tell the photographer beforehand as they may have some great ideas for photographs!

Pet themed stationary

Save the date cards, place cards or even your Order of Ceremony can all be themed to pay homage to your pets.

Wedding decorations

Animal themed centrepieces or candles. Dog and Cat cake toppers. ‘Guest Doggy Bags’. Let your imagination run wild.

And if all else fails, how about a perfect pet shaped cardboard cut-out?

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