There is no such thing as a stupid question, so if you cant find your answer below, then just contact myself direct!

Do You Travel?

Yes, I am happy to perform ceremonies all over. Travel is charged extra at 45p per mile from Grimsby. Accommodation is charged at cost if necessary.

Are you Insured?

Yes, I have full public liability insurance.

Why choose a Celebrant over a Registrar?

Celebrant lead weddings are completely unique. We are not council workers, therefore we do not have certain boxes to tick. We spend quality time with you to create a ceremony which is exactly what you want and no two scripts are the same. Also we can perform weddings at any venue/location but registrars are limited to their location and working hours.

How do I make it legal?

This is simple, all you have to do is pop to your local register office and complete the paperwork with two witnesses. It takes about 10 minutes and most couples do this the day before.

Where can I have my wedding?

Absolutely anywhere, indoors, outdoors and at anytime, It is completely up to you! We are not limited by locations or hours.

Who can be involved in the ceremony?

Anyone, Friends, family, even your dog can get involved!
There are many ways we can make your wedding more inclusive, just ask!

How can I make mine different?

The sky is the limit with this question.
There are known special elements you can add such as hand fasting and broom jumping or you can create your own unique twist, the best thing to do is talk to me.

Do you write my script from scratch?

Yes every script is written bespoke for you and filled with the jokes and mannerisms that make you unique.

How does it work?

Each ceremony is created from a series of meetings with you. The initial meeting can be done via either Skype, Facetime and if you are nearby I can do the meeting in person.
Once booked you are more than welcome to text, call and email me to your hearts content! The better I know you, the more personal your script will feel. I will always try and meet you in person at least once if possible.