Weddings needn’t be MURDER!

Murder Mystery Wedding

Not only am I a fully qualified Wedding Celebrant through UKSOC, but I am also the events manager for Red Herring Games, an internationally acclaimed Murder Mystery Company.

I am able to write and present a bespoke ceremony which is perfect for you, but I can also organise a Murder Mystery to make your day extra special.

Imagine sitting down with your guests for your wedding meal and an actress playing a waitress runs in screaming MURDER! Before she faints in the middle of the room!

A murder mystery can be done alongside your wedding meal to surprise and entertain your guests or it can be played during a hen/stag party.

We know that a wedding is one of the most important days you will share as a couple, so it makes sense to make it as unique and fun as you are.

Check out Red Herring Games for more information on killer weddings!

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